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Kindle Edition

"Overcoming Addictions"

In this powerful book, Roger Cantu shares several wonderful and triumphant stories about normal people who have regained control over their life through the practice of meditation and willpower. The book includes all the meditation and willpower techniques needed to overcome addictions and compulsions.

"The powerful meditation techniques described in this book will help you to eliminate all kinds of addictions and compulsions. This is truly a life-changing experience."
             -- Roger Cantu

Kindle Edition

"What is Meditation?"

In this wonderful book, Roger Cantu explains the meaning and purpose of meditation, along with easy to follow instructions for daily practice.

“Meditation is the instrument to transform and shape our mind. Meditation should not be considered a religious subject. Compassion, love, forgiveness, spiritual harmony, sense of brotherhood, all of those things are religious subjects. Meditation is the training of the mind. Meditation makes the mind more alert. Concentrating on one point in meditation helps you to develop your analytical mind. Therefore, more success, determination, self-confidence, and willpower will come into your life.”
                       -- Dalai Lama

Table of Contents

Part One
Triumphant Stories

Overcoming Drug Addiction
Taking the First Step
Beating Alcoholism
First and Second Steps
No More Tobacco
The Third Step
Losing Weight and Overeating
Four Steps
Leaving Sexual Compulsions Behind
Fifth and Final Step

Part Two
Meditation Techniques

What is Meditation?
Preliminary Instructions
Basic Meditation
Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation Script
Meditation Session Conclusion
Willpower Meditation
Weight Loss Meditation
Secret Technique for Powerful of Affirmations
Final Comment

Table of Contents

Part One
What is Meditation?

Part Two
Concentrating on the Energy Centers

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