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Khenpo Choga Rinpoche

The Dzogchen Buddhist Center of Texas is proud to announce that Khenpo Choga Rinpoche will be back in San Antonio in the middle of May.

Khenpo Choga Rinpoche is the 33rd Holder of the Dzogchen Lineage and Author of “The Buddha Path.” He is a fascinating lecturer and a great Lama.

Please check our website for more information: www.dzogchentexas.com       or call 210-248-1388.

San Antonio Buddhists

The San Antonio Buddhist Meetup group will be meeting again in November at a new location.

For more information, please visit their website: buddhism.meetup.com/455/



Roger Cantu - Author of What is Meditation? and other books.

Dear Friends:

Melody recently told me about a book she wanted to read. I got her a copy and since then I have not been able to pry her off this book. She has been constantly reading it and won’t put it down. For that reason, I have asked her to write a book review about it. “Dusk Before the Dawn” has been getting great reviews and is a finalist in the Science Fiction category of the 2006 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Awards!

Book Review - Dusk Before Dawn

Book Description

An American educated Mayan sits atop a Temple in Tikal National Park, waiting. A father helplessly watches his family fall into some kind of sleep, or trance. Then he too succumbs, begging a stranger to save them. A PhD scientist awakens, remembering only hours ago she was in her nanotechnology lab, trying to work a solution to make incredibly small robots replicate. But she finds that she is now ill, or a prisoner, or both. The world has change irrevocably, in one swift movement, by the actions of a meglo-maniacal genius. Can they undo what he has done? Should they?  

Book Review  

An exciting page-turner, "Dusk Before the Dawn" is not an enlightenment "how-to" nor even really a "why-to". It is an eerie "what-if" that leaves the reader thinking long after the story is finished.

What is refreshing is the book is not full of distractingly preachy dialogue so common in spiritual adventure novels.

Larry Ketchersid offers a journey through a future where most of humanity is asleep, leaving awake only those responsible and an enlightened majority spread across the earth. Who will decide humanity's future? What should that decision be?

Music Review - Tibetan Meditation Music

Tapping into the richness of Tibet’s meditation tradition, Nawang Khechog has created his most relaxing album yet—wholly focused on helping you experience inner stillness. The result is a soothing blend that has been embraced by many Tibetan and Korean monks, nuns, and people around the world from all walks of life—to enhance a meditative practice, or just to find a refreshing moment of pure serenity.

Music Review - Dance: Dream: Dance:

Roll up your Yoga mat, clear the dance floor, and celebrate your body in motion! From South America to Africa to the Middle East, the indigenous sounds and traditional beats captured here will open the heart and free the mind and spirit. This is a wonderful electronic music meditation album!

Excerpts from the Book "Insights" by Rama Dr. Frederick Lenz


Simplify your life.
It's really that simple!
Simplify your life by removing the thoughts
From your mind that cause you so much pain.
Simplify your life by removing the
Fears and doubts from your mind
That cause you so much pain.
Simplify your life until
Only happiness remains!

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