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Building Emotional Intelligence: Techiques to Cultivate Inner Strength in Children

Love Reigns

Books About Rama

The Passionate Heart

Awake in the Dream

Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light

Books by Rama

How to Meditate: An Anthology of Talks on Meditation and "Meditation: The Bridge Is Flowing But the River Is Not"

Tantric Buddhism: Twenty-Seven Talks

Insights: Talks on the Nature of Existence

Surfing the Himalayas: A Spiritual Adventure

Snowboarding to Nirvana




Editor's Note

Job Search

Dear friends:

I know I should not use the newsletter to advertise that I am looking for a new job, but I am hoping that you are compassionate enough to lend me an ear, and perhaps help me out.  The company I have been working for, Harcourt Assessment was recently purchased by one of our competitors – Pearson Educational Measurement. As a result, Pearson is in the middle of eliminating all duplicate departments including the one I work in. I am currently looking for a new job, and if you have any leads, I would really appreciate your help.

I would be glad to join your company’s board of directors or something like that... : )   For the last ten years I have been working as a professional writer in different capacities; creating proposals, writing technical manuals, IT documentation, book publishing, layout and design of publications, telecommunications, marketing, and bio-medical writing. I also have an extensive IT background working with databases, doing some programming, a little bit of program management, etc. I am looking for something that might have a little bit of a creative side. If you have any leads or would like a copy of my resume please let me know. Thanks.

Heather Ash - A Recapitulation Technique That Really Works

On May 22nd, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Heather Ash, Author of The Four Elements of Change and co-founder of Spiritual Integrity. Heather Ash Amara weaves the most powerful practices of shamanic traditions to support each individual in the manifestation of their highest potential. Beginning in 1994, she apprenticed with and taught extensively with don Miguel Ruiz, Author of The Four Agreements, before founding the Toltec Center of Creative Intent in 2001. Heather spoke at a meeting of the Meditation Club in San Antonio.

Heather is a wonderful speaker with a warm attitude and great sense of humor. What struck me the most during her lecture, was the meditation exercise on recapitulation. She instructed us to visualize our daily events, starting with the moment we woke up that day, until the moment before we started meditating. She said that we should pay close attention to the moments in which we lost energy. Then, she instructed us to relive that moment without an emotional attachment and recapture the energy that we lost.

For me, this was a very interesting experience. I started my day in Iowa City at the end of a business trip. As I reviewed my experiences during the day, I came to a moment at the airport’s gift shop. I wanted to get a little souvenir for my four-year-old daughter, and saw myself standing in front of several small stuff animals. My intuition pointed at a cow in the back of the stand. However, my thinking mind started yelling, “Get the pink pig, pink is her favorite color, get the pink, get the pink…” I noticed that at that point in my day, I lost energy. I believe that whenever we do not listen to the Universe, who is guiding us, we lose energy. Instead, I decided to listen to my thinking mind. When I got home in the late afternoon, I took the pig out of my suitcase, and gave it to my daughter. She looked at me in disappointment and said, “I wanted the cow…”

After the meditation was over, Heather asked us to share our experiences. After I told my little story, someone asked me, “How can you tell the difference between your intuition and your thinking mind?” “Well, it’s not easy.” I said. “In my case, my intuition talks to me in a very soft tone, almost like a gentle suggestion. Unlike my thinking mind, which is very fast and loud at times.”

For those of you who might be interested in developing your intuition, I would like to recommend the book Practical Intuition by Linda Day. This book has some wonderful exercises to help you develop your intuition, and discerning between you intuition and your thinking mind.

I will be reviewing Heather’s book The Four Elements of Change next month. I am really looking forward to reading it.

The Four Elements of Change

American Buddhism

Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz (1950-1998) was a warm and candid Buddhist teacher. He was well known for his best-selling books: Surfing the Himalayas, Snowboarding to Nirvana, Lifetimes: True Accounts of Reincarnation, and others. He developed a form of meditation that emphasizes the importance of focus and concentration to strengthen and clarify the mind. This type of mediation is called Chakra Meditation. It is an adaptation of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga, and Original Zen. After 28 years of teaching, Rama inspired and motivated more than half a million students in the United States and Europe. He was an exciting meditation teacher and an incredible being of light who was able to lead his students into higher states of mind and well-being.

The following excerpt comes from the book The Last Incarnation. It is a collection of stories written by several of his students. Enjoy. 

Book & Music Reviews
Building Emotional Intelligence: Techniques to Cultivate Inner Strength in Children

Our Review

We have been practicing some of techniques included in this book with our four year old daughter and they are working really well. Every night, we turn off the TV before dinner, light a candle, and state something that we are grateful for that happened today. This simple technique helps us to cultivate inner silence and peace, and brings a sense of gratitude into our lives. I would highly recommend this book to all parents out there. The book includes a nice CD with meditation practices for different group ages of children.

Book Description

What's the most important piece of your child's educational program? If you think it's math, science, or grammar, you might be overlooking an element that is fast becoming essential in today's stressful world: cultivating inner resiliency. In Building Emotional Intelligence, pioneering educator Linda Lantieri joins forces with internationally renowned psychologist Daniel Goleman to offer a breakthrough guide for helping children quiet their minds, calm their bodies, and identify and manage their emotions. Now available to the public for the first time, here are Lantieri's proven techniques arranged according to age group, complemented by a spoken-word CD with exercises presented by Goleman. "We need a new vision of education that includes the mind and the heart," says Lantieri. With Building Emotional Intelligence, parents, teachers, and caregivers have the tools necessary to help build these invaluable skills in the children they raise.

About the Author

Linda Lantieri is an internationally known expert in social and emotional learning, conflict resolution, and crisis intervention with 40 years of experience in the field of education. She is the director of The Inner Resilience Program and a founding member of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). She is also a cofounder of the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP), a social and emotional learning program that has been implemented at 400 schools in 15 school districts in the U.S., with pilot sites in Brazil and Puerto Rico. Lantieri is coauthor of Waging Peace in Our Schools, editor of Schools with Spirit: Nurturing the Inner Lives of Children and Teachers, and contributor to Forever After: New York City Teachers on 9/11.

Love Reigns

Our Review

This wonderful album contains eight sacred chants that truly take you on a journey through the divine. I particularly like "He Mata Durga," which takes me back to my days hanging out at the Sai Baba ashram in India.

Album Description

Kirtan has the power to transport us into an ecstatic realm where our hearts are wide open to the divine. A rare female voice in this devotional world, Diana Rogers warm, enchanting soprano brings you into a joyous communion with universal compassion to a place where all are one, and where Love Reigns. Produced and accompanied by artist Ben Leinbach, with a kirtan chorus and world instrumentation featuring the talents of Jai Uttal, Daniel Paul, and Manose.

Artist Profile

Diana Rogers is a compelling kirtan singer who takes you on a musical journey with her evocative chanting. She has been singing all her life: Gregorian chants, early Renaissance music, opera, and Indian devotional singing, and has studied vocal music with Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Pandit Pran Nath, and Allaudin Mathieu. Having led chant for more than 20 years, she has performed and recorded with Jai Uttal and Krishna Das and has led kirtan throughout the U.S. with Ram Dass. She resides in Berkeley, California.